The Recruiter's Soapbox

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A State Of Origin Team Win Vs That Placement Feeling

I imagine most of my network was at the pub on Wednesday evening watching game two (obviously supporting The Blues) in State of Origin. A game that appeared to be an easy win for the NSW team until the dying minutes when an injured Thurston stole the show with a perfect conversion and robbed “us” of a win. I was confident with a 16-6 score The Blues were going to be victorious and put an end to the series. It got me thinking, how often in the recruitment world do we get pipped at the post? There are countless times I’ve lost a placement to internal recruitment, the classic counter offer or even a competitor at the very last second.

So how do you mitigate that last-minute heartbreak to ensure you end up on the winning team when that whistle blows?

Have a game plan

You shouldn’t be going to game day unprepared. One of the worst moments you can get in your recruitment career is when the wheels fall off and you don’t know what to do to get the process back on track. Questions you should have a definite yes to:

  • Do you know what will make your candidate move?
  • Are their reasons / motivations the same as they were at the beginning of the process or have the goal posts shifted?
  • Has your candidate done the necessary preparation themselves to get the offer?
  • Do you know the potential obstacles? i.e. the dreaded counter offer!

Clear communication

Keep the conversation flowing! I agree that sometimes it is a lot easier (and less stressful) to start a text / email chain once you’ve built a relationship with a candidate. But how easy is it to influence or motivate a candidate through Whatsapp?  Phone for communication – email for confirmation.

Half time evaluation

Something I have learnt from working with the BMR team is that the mid-point of the recruitment process is critical. It is an excellent opportunity for us to sit down collaboratively to discuss the process, the potential obstacles and ask for guidance. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes over a situation can really help develop you as a consultant.

Recruitment is a risky game, essentially we are selling a person. People are free spirited, impulsive and can change how we feel about something overnight. Sometimes there is nothing you can do to influence the outcome, but always make sure you leave it all out there on the “field” before that decision is made.