Relocated Testimonials

I made the move from the UK to Sydney; working with Rebecca from Barton Mills made the whole process so much easier than I had expected. From our original conversation whilst I was still in the UK, to the job, company, even to being advised on areas of Sydney to live when I made the move, I couldn’t have asked for a better consultant.
Rebecca combined complete professionalism with a personal approach, providing details and advice with making such a move and she is the first person I would refer other consultants back in the UK to if they to decide to make the move to Australia.

Ben Taylor, Senior Consultant

Barton Mills were professional from the off and I dealt with Rebecca throughout. She arranged calls to suit me and was always on time and happy to talk me through every little detail and concern I had about the imminent move to Australia. I knew I was going to make the move happen one way or another but she really took the time to make sure I was put in front of the right companies for my background and ambitions. She arranged interviews both with Australian and UK based decision makers alike.

I interviewed face to face in the UK and Rebecca was instantly on the phone asking how it went making sure any concerns were addressed. She helped me from a late night chat on the phone in the UK right through to my first few weeks over here in Sydney when we actually met face to face to make sure all was as we had hoped it would be. Rebecca matched me perfectly with a great company that I have no intention of ever leaving.

The work the team put in has made a HUGE difference to me and my family’s future. I would highly recommend Rebecca and the team art Barton Mills to anyone thinking about heading to the sun.

Ibrahim Khalil, Senior Consultant

Rebecca was one of the first consultants that I spoke to when considering relocating to Australia from the UK. I always wanted to work abroad but never really knew how people went about doing it! I got in touch with Rebecca for an informal conversation, to get a better understanding of the opportunities available to me. She was extremely helpful from the outset and very honest about her own experience of relocating to Sydney which is exactly what I needed.

Rebecca explained the process of getting a visa / sponsorship and gave me a very thorough explanation of the recruitment market in Sydney. She got a really good understanding of what was important to me in my next recruitment role and lined up some interviews with agencies that seemed to tick all of the boxes – which made it very difficult for me to make a decision after receiving the offers!

Once my flight was booked Rebecca talked me through everything I needed to sort out before arriving in Sydney and upon arrival – bank accounts, Medicare etc which was incredibly useful as I didn’t know anyone else that lived out here. She genuinely wanted to make sure that I was happy with the move and my new role – which can be very rare in recruitment. The whole process was stress-free and enjoyable, she made sure that I had no concerns and was always happy to offer advice and provide information the whole way through.

I am a month into my new role and am absolutely loving it and so far life in Sydney is even better than I thought it would be – my only regret is not moving sooner!

It has been great to meet with Rebecca in person now that I’m in Sydney, she has been fantastic to work with I will definitely be recommending her to all of my former colleagues in the UK!!

Ffion Williams , PRA

I got in touch with Barton Mills after coming across an advert they had placed on facebook regarding overseas opportunities.

I am from Scotland and having done a working holiday in Australia a few years prior I was keen to explore options within Sydney, Australia.

I had been doing recruitment back home for two years and was interested to see the options available to myself and how my CV weighted against others in the market.

I was advised a degree would be beneficial and 1 years’ experience was the minimum requirement so I hit apply on a “Delivery Consultant” job and was contacted by Mark within a day.

Immediately I was impressed by the level of service from Barton Mills, as a recruiter you understand how it works and understand bad practise but I did not experience any of this from the agency.

I spoke with Mark over the next couple days and within a week I had interviews with two companies. The tricky part here was that I had already done a working holiday so I would have to secure a sponsorship remotely – not the most attractive thing to employers. Never the less within a couple of weeks I took to skype and my mobile to do overseas interviews.

The company I got to the second stage with was my first choice. I then set up regular skypes and met GMs, Practise leaders and who was soon to be, my new line manager.
Barton Mills were consistent in checking in with my throughout the process.

Having applied for the role in November, I was subsequently offered a sponsored 457 position in December!

I cannot praise Barton Mills enough for their high level of service, their personal yet strong professional attitude and effort they have made to ensure I have been comfortable and settling into my new role.

I wish to praise both Mark and Clare for all their efforts and would recommend Barton Mills to any recruiter overseas looking to make the move.

I wish the agency every success.

David Bruce
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