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Recruitment Videos: Should They Play A Major Role?

You may have seen the Australian Department of Finance’s latest release was trending recently… for all the wrong reasons. Dubbed “Hilariously Awkward Recruitment Video”… I can’t see any Oscar nominations on the cards just yet. Personally, credit where credits’ due, those grads aren’t trained actors and they still immersed themselves in the task. What they have done (by accident) is shown that the Department of Finance has a great team culture who will go the extra mile and they don’t take themselves too seriously! It ticks quite a few boxes and has certainly got people talking if nothing else.

Over at Barton Mills, we have seen a rise in video content coming from our agency clients. In the main most of the content produced to promote their business and attract new talent has been awesome! Check out Constructive’s latest promo release here.


Recruitment Video Resumes

Some recruitment agencies have taken the video format one step further, making it a part of their hiring process. Clients asking candidates to “sell” themselves over a video message got us thinking… Would you jump at the opportunity or would you rather the ground open up and swallow you whole?

So far we’ve had a real mix of results. With digital natives making up a large part of the recruitment workforce we have seen some candidates really throw themselves into the process, have fun with it and get clients falling over themselves to meet them. On the other hand, we have also been met by sheer resistance and sometimes point blank refusals! Any role that required me to step in front of the camera and press record would certainly get me thinking. I would be out of my comfort zone from the get go.  With many recruiters utilising video job ads, perhaps this is just something we should all get used to?


I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter.