Opportunities & Clients

We have been established since 2004 and therefore have a wealth of loyal and long lasting client relationships who specialise across the board. We also work with both boutique agencies and the larger global organisations. We will always make sure that the companies we represent you too have the capacity to sponsor through the 457 visa scheme. We pride ourselves on the ability to listen to what our candidates want and then guaranteeing that we match them on both culture, sector and working environment

In order to qualify for a 457 visa you must:

  • Hold a relevant degree and have a minimum of 1-2 years of recruitment experience
  • If you do not hold a degree then you must be able to demonstrate five years of relevant experience (recruitment, b2b sales, Business development)

As in the UK, commission and bonuses come in many guises, however, as a general rule you can expect to take home a total pay of around 30-35% of what you bill (base + commission). Thresholds are common in Australia and typically are set at 2-4 times your base salary.

If you have no recruitment experience however do have come from a sales background and are under 30 years of age. You then qualify for a 417 working holiday visa which allows you to live and work here for a year. You can spend up to six months with one business which could potential lead to 457 sponsorship if you meet the above requirements.

Are there any ­differences between the recruitment market/roles in the UK and Australia?

The recruitment lifecycle like  a sales process never changes however with the market being a lot smaller in Australia business is generally done face to face. In Australia, creating long lasting, loyal relationships is one of our key drivers. Meeting both clients and candidates on a regular basis is encouraged (how can it not be with constant sun shine!) rather than the standard UK phone approach. The feedback we have had for years is that clients in Australia are much more receptive and therefore easier to market to.

Will I be able to get a similar role in Australia?

Recruitment Consultants will almost definitely transfer to a similar role at a similar level. However, If you are currently a Senior Consultant or a Manager you may have to be prepared to take a small step backwards to familiarise yourself with the local market. The population in Australia is much smaller than in the UK (approximately 23 million) and so there are fewer consultancies and subsequently fewer management opportunities. When you have just arrived from another country you are naturally at a disadvantage. Flexibility and the willingness to “cold-call” and business develop will often be required. We are always more than happy to go into more detail so get in touch today!

Key Sectors

Each of our consultants specialise in their own vertical, they will be able to give you the direction and guidance you need when it comes to making “the big decision” The key recruitment sectors that
we service are:

  • Banking & Finance
  • Accounting Commerce & Industry
  • Construction, Property & Engineering
  • IT & T
  • Business/ Office Support
  • Creative, Advertising & Media
  • Digital Sales & Marketing
  • Health, Social/Aged Care & Medical
  • Early Careers
  • UK Recruiters coming
    to Australia

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    you relocate to Australia from the UK.

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