The Recruiter's Soapbox


Life As A Barton Mills Recruitment Intern

As a second-year HR university student, I decided it was time to dip my toes into the corporate world and get some relevant experience to my degree. I was constantly reminded that internships were the way to go, so, when the opportunity to intern at Barton Mills (which, in my unbiased opinion, is the best rec2rec in Sydney) came up, I took my chances, applied and got in!

Starting out:

To say I was nervous on my first day would be an understatement, I didn’t know anything about recruitment. This was not only my first internship but the first time I’d ever worked in an office! All my ideas on interning were based on movies and books. I expected to be running around getting coffee, managing projects out of my league or being forgotten in a dusty corner.

Turns out I was wrong, the office was lovely and bright, I had my own desk and computer, and everyone was so welcoming. People from the office next door were constantly popping in for a chat and to grab a Mentos from the lolly bowl. It definitely wasn’t the stiff and structured workplace I had imagined.

What did I learn:

Considering that I knew nothing to start with, it feels like I’ve experienced a whole new world. I had no idea that the recruitment industry was so complex, and within rec2rec so many different sectors all with their own details and requirements.

As the first ever intern at Barton Mills, this was a learning experience for everyone involved. It was great for me because it meant I had flexibility in what tasks I did and what I wanted to learn. I learned how to source candidates, use databases like JobAdder and LinkedIn, write and post job adverts. I was able to experience the whole recruitment process for candidates, from looking over applications, sitting in on interviews and helping to place them in roles. I’ve gained an understanding of what a resume should look like, how to act in an interview and whats makes someone want to hire you. Being able to look at these things from the other side of the process will definitely help me with all my future job applications.

The End:

Like all good things, my internship has come to an end. Three months later, I’m more confident with the idea of venturing out into the corporate world and can’t wait to put all my new skills and knowledge to the test.

If I had to offer advice to university students or anyone who wants a bit more experience in their field, I would highly recommend taking up an internship. If you end up somewhere as great as I did, use the chance to ask as many questions as you can and say yes to any opportunities that arise.

Thank you to everyone who’s helped me out along the way, I can’t wait to see what comes next!

Rabiya Khan