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Jay Hobson – My First 8 Weeks In Rec2Rec

Rec2Rec Sydney….

We are delighted to introduce Jay Hobson as the newest member of the Barton Mills Rec2Rec Sydney team. We were introduced to Jay through our “early careers” program.  This rookie initiative has been bringing our clients the most motivated “rookie recruiters” in the market for the last 3 years and we have seen the huge value and success that this has brought many businesses.  It was, therefore, only natural that we incorporate this hugely successful program into our own internal hiring.

Jay joins the team from the UK, originally hailing from ‘up north’ in sunny Leeds. She arrived in Australia in June 2016 and on falling in love with Australia (how could she not?), approached BMR about helping her get on the “first rung of the Australian recruitment career ladder”.  Jay is a fantastic cultural fit for our “family”, she comes armed with recruitment experience, a degree in psychology and a teaching background.

Jay will, in the main, focus in on two key industry sectors for us.  She will be managing our client portfolio and sourcing new talent in the Healthcare and Medical recruitment sector and the Engineering, Construction and Property space.

Now at the two-month mark, Jay gives us a run down on how she has found her first few weeks with Barton Mills working in the rec2rec space across the Australian Recruitment Industry.

How have your found your first eight weeks with BMR?

I have been busy getting to know the Australian Recruitment market and getting my sector knowledge up to speed. There’s been a lot to learn and no doubt that will continue for some time. The whole team are on board with my training and they are all happy to answer my questions, advise and guide me in the right direction.  Week 4 really set the tone for the culture of the Barton Mills family. Melbourne Cup Day was upon us and whilst half of the team enjoyed the day soaking up the sun in their race day finery, two members of the team were fashionably late, and trotted in dressed as inflatable horses! Overall, working with a supportive team that know how to have fun and don’t take themselves too seriously, means my first 8 weeks have been great!

What drew you to a career in Rec2Rec?

Having been teaching in the UK for the past few years I knew it was time for a change. My dream of living in Australia was at the forefront of my mind and I found myself looking back on my old recruitment days fondly. I took the plunge, settled myself into Sydney and decided to look for a rec2rec role. Relationship building and taking a more consultative approach fits more naturally with my personality over transactional recruiting. As luck would have it Barton Mills were recruiting. I met the whole team…and the rest is history.

What has your favourite thing about Rec2Rec been so far?

When you start somewhere new, everything is fun and exciting. If I had to pick one ‘favourite thing’ since starting at Barton Mills I would say… I have been out with the team meeting clients and realising just how different each agency actually is. Whilst interviewing candidates it is great to be able to listen to candidates’ wish lists and culture match each personality with clients who want to employ them within companies that they will thrive in.

What have been the biggest challenges that you have encountered?

My biggest challenge so far would have to be keeping doors open with clients for candidates that have had to put their job search on hold for reasons beyond their control. Having said that, getting to know people, building relationships and problem solving is something I really enjoy.

What are your aspirations in the Rec2Rec field?

As my rec2rec career develops and progresses I would like to build a name for myself within my sectors as part of the Barton Mills brand. I hope to become the ‘go to’ person in Sydney for Medical and ECP recruiters to take the next step in their careers.