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EOFY – Is It Too Soon To Be Prepping?

In three weeks’ time, we will be entering the final quarter for this financial year. Where has the time gone? Every year, this last quarter is our last chance to smash our previous years target.

So How do I prepare for EOFY? Here are my top tips:

  1. Have a number in mind

We run an annual EOFY strategy day with the help of our business coach Charlotte Rimmer. Here, we set up team and individual targets together, these are always based on previous years performances. We also run a SWOT analysis on ourselves and this business, I believe this is a great way to get us ready for the new year and adds a bit of team bonding along the way.

  1. Be accountable

Recruitment as we all know is like running your own business. Only you are at fault for losing sight of your targets, my downfall has always been booking holidays in the middle of a quarter, this really pulls you off track and often is what makes billings drop drastically. Be smart around holidays and own your mistakes as and when.

  1. Pipeline

Just because EOFY is coming, this is not an excuse to take your foot off the gas. Pipeline, pipeline, PIPELINE! Touch base with old candidates, connect with new ones, attend events to help build your brand. This year I joined business chicks to get me out and in front of like-minded professionals. A lot of candidates might start looking once they have their commission in their back pocket. It is probably the best time of the year to start rebuilding/growing your network.

  1. Housekeeping

Probably my least favourite part of the job… ‘admin’. Anyone who knows me will tell you this. This is a great time to make sure that everything is up to date. Are all files in order? Is the database up to date? Have I kept up with post placement? …. Start the year right!

  1. Celebrate

I know we are still thinking about celebrating the end of Q3 however, our end of Q4, is always a big one (nothing like our infamous Christmas parties) this is the time of year where we truly celebrate stand out moments from the year, reward the team for their efforts and genuinely congratulate them on hitting goals.