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End of Financial Fear

End of Financial Fear

This time last year I was heading into my first ever Q4 and I was pretty determined to finish the End of Financial Year on top….and I did. What did I do to make it happen?

Looking back, I was still in my early days of recruitment and was definitely still in a steep learning curve, but I was also genuinely excited and motivated by my previous quarters success and wanted to prove that I had what it took.

Based on my experiences from last year my tips for success are:

  • Set small goals aside from your financial targets that you can hit quickly and feel accomplished whilst still striving for your stretch goals. This will help you to focus on the ‘stuff that gets results’ rather than becoming overwhelmed by the looming end of financial year. I do this by going back to basics and giving myself relevant KPI style activity targets to make sure I stay focused and disciplined
  • Get excited about your target. Which roles are you going to work? Focus on roles that you enjoy working on for your top clients, to stay motivated
  • Take a look around you. What are the successful recruiters on your team doing? Ask to sit down with someone you respect. If all the dots aren’t connecting for you at the moment, sometimes it can take another brain to deconstruct and help you to find the missing piece of the puzzle

With an extra year under my belt I can’t deny the pressure is on to smash my figures from last year. What else am I doing to finish on another high?

  • Know my figures inside out. I know exactly what I need to put on the board and I always start by working backwards. I know what I need to get out of my quarter, how long I have to do it and the amount of activity I need to do on a weekly/daily (even hourly if the wheels are really falling off) basis to stay on track
  • I actually enjoy working under pressure, the busier I am the better but when recruitment just isn’t going your way always remember that it’s not rocket science, there is always something you can do. If I know there’s work to be done out of office hours I plan for it and make sure I’m ready for the slog. It could be a gym session at lunch to re-energise or sometimes its as simple as planned meals and scheduling for the long day ahead and not burning out

Enjoy your final quarter. You might be just putting your own stamp on a desk and are already pumped for 2018/19. Maybe you’re getting yourself ready for the next step in your career and want to use this quarter as a launch pad for your continued success. Business is booming over at Barton Mills… if you want to find out what you are worth and where you could go next, give one of the BMR consultants a call, we are always happy to chat.