The Recruiter's Soapbox


Top De-Stressing Tips Ahead Of EOFY

With the end of financial year looming we could all use a little de-stress time.

Barton Mills‘ heads are down and we are in full resourcing mode with the hope of getting a few more deals over the line before we go back to $0 at the start of the new year. The pressure is on and the tension is high, here are some of my top ways to de-stress in this last quarter:


Work cannot consume our lives. We are all in before 8:30 every day with our heads down, ready to go. Keeping up a good work life balance helps us get the best of both worlds. I don’t want my team staying back and working late just for the sake of it. No points for face time at Barton Mills!


Keeping active has always been a big one for us as a team. I will always try to take a full hour for my lunch and head over to the gym for a 30 minute class. It helps clear my head and get me ready to battle out part 2 of the working day.


When the wheels fall off, sometimes the only way to get over it is to shut down, switch off and hit the bar. We are such a small team and if nothing goes right for one of us, it often causes a domino effect. We have been known to be spotted at the pub early on a Thursday…


This is a new one for us. It started off as a bit of a joke however we have become seriously into it. The Japanese paper art is actually surprisingly calming and adds a bit of friendly competition.


There is no correct way to de-stress, I just wanted to share a few of my methods with you.