Originally from Cheshire in the UK, Clare has been recruiting in Australia since 2000.  Clare started Barton Mills Recruitment alongside Richard Mills in 2004.  With a background in IT recruitment she gravitated to this space initially, but now with over a decade working in the rec2rec space, she is extremely well networked across most sectors.  Clare is our go to person for executive roles, with an incredible track record placing senior personnel across the recruitment industry.

Clare is always looking to connect with seasoned, recruitment professionals who are passionate about what they do and see recruitment as their career of choice.  Clare is seen as the go to person in Australia for career advice in the recruitment sector.

Role Types:

  • General Manager
  • Managing Director
  • Account Director
  • Business Development Manager
  • Team Leader
  • Senior Consultant
  • Consultant

Sectors covered:

  • IT
  • Digital
  • Accounting and finance
  • Engineering, Construction & Property
  • Executive


What do you like about working at Barton Mills?

Obviously I am biased, but I love the people I work with. We all have different styles and really different personalities but it works.  We are a tight knit group who share similar values and a similar work ethic. We don’t get to socialise together as often as I would like, but when we do it’s always great fun.

Which sector do you recruit in?

My background was IT recruitment, so I tended to gravitate to the IT agency space initially. However, over the years I have built up solid relationships and knowledge in the Construction and Property and Accounting and Finance space and my absolute favourite is when I get to focus on senior level roles $120K and above.

What do you enjoy about working in rec 2 rec?

I love the fact that no day is the same. My first job after University was in retail and I hated it.  I clock watched, the days dragged and the financial rewards were as dreadful. I discovered recruitment and immediately knew I had found my niche. In my 16 year Australian recruitment career I have never clocked watched – the days always fly – in fact there is never enough time. I love the fact that I get to meet different people all of the time and that having worked in this space for over 12 years, people come to me for advice on their careers.  It’s a great feeling when you get to really make a difference.

If you could give your candidates one tip, what would it be?

Culture, Culture, Culture.  After working in rec2rec for so many years I have total clarity on what works and what doesn’t. To be successful and happy in your recruitment role, you have to be with a business that is culturally well aligned to you.  Don’t take the role that offers you the biggest base salary – take the role that puts you in an environment where you are allowed to be yourself and will facilitate success.

What did you do before you worked at Barton Mills?

After University, I worked in retail in the UK for 3 years as part of a management trainee program. On moving to Australia I worked in IT Recruitment for a global agency for 4 years, starting as a Trainee and finishing as their Perm Divisional Manager.  During this last role, I was tasked with internal recruitment for the business and discovered my love of recruiting sales people and recruiters.

What do you like to do when you aren’t recruiting?

These days life outside of work tends to be a blur of activities around my beautiful children. When I’m not being soccer mum, chef, cleaner, taxi driver etc, I love good food + expensive white wine!  Health and Fitness is a big focus in my life.  At Barton Mills we have a personal trainer once a week for group training in the park, we usually put in a team for The City to Surf run and we have just registered for Tough Mudder (gulp!)  Life is busy and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you could be any other occupation in another life, what would you be?

“You always want what you can’t have”. My mum was right about this. Over the years I’ve had various day dreams including travelling the world as a tier 1 Interpreter (although I only speak English… and poorly!) and being a famous singer in the mould of Adele (yet again not possible… I am tone deaf and can’t hold a note)… oh well!


Client Testimonials

I have used Clare as a recruiter in my last two leadership roles. In both cases Clare was able to find some great quality candidates for us at all levels. Clare was diligent in her matching and the candidates she presented were always well briefed and of good quality, Clare has also been great at providing us with advice about trends in the recruit to recruit market. Clare is someone I would trust and recommend without hesitation. She has a strong understanding of her market and an excellent reputation.
Luke Singleton, Director, Spark Recruitment

Clare, and the team at Barton Mills, have sourced excellent staff for HCM’s Recruitment Team. They take the time to understand our culture and requirements, and have delivered candidates who not only have had a highly positive commercial impact on our business, but also fit in well on a personal level. Happy to recommend Clare’s services to any organisation.” September 26, 2010.
Alex Horton, Business Manager/ Director, HCM Australia

Candidate Testimonials

Claire is an amazing Rec2Rec – she got me exactly what I wanted, but took the time to make sure she understood what it was. She never pushed me to a role, but instead provided a very consultative approach. I would recommend her to any recruiters out there looking to move within the Sydney market.
Muhammad Aly, Consultant – Digital at Mackenzie Jones Middle East

Clare was one of best Rec2Rec consultants I have had the pleasure of dealing with, From the initial inception she was very detail orientated and delivery of the service she provided was outstanding. Always getting back when she said with very detailed and honest updates.

It was clear she had a great network and after various conversations she arranged a few excellent interviews for me and again from feedback to the actual on boarding process, discussing flight details, recommending areas to live in and even good school reputations and meeting up once I arrived in Sydney – she made the daunting process of moving from the UK as efficient and smooth as possible and I can’t recommend Clare enough for any recruiter who may be open minded about moving to Australia. Ultimately Clare was responsible for the role I am in now placing me at Austcorp Executive and she has always delivered excellent results honestly with high integrity too – I would have no hesitation in recommending Clare
Grant Townsend, Senior Recruitment Consultant – (BMS Controls, HVAC & Building Automation) at AustCorp Executive

When you’re looking for an agency to find you a new job, you need a company who has a good variety of clients, an adeptness to quickly understand what is important to you in your next role and the ability to intuitively know the right companies to represent you to.

Clare did such a comprehensive job that at no time did I feel the need to go to anyone else whilst searching for my next career move. She interviewed me in depth, instinctively knew what would be my highest priority in my next role, probably more than I did and instead of putting me to all of her clients she selected two perfect fits. Within one week from first meeting with Clare, I had met with the two clients that she chose to represent me to and was spending a day struggling with the decision of which offer to accept.

I really couldn’t have asked for any more and I’d recommend anyone to speak with her who is looking for their next role in recruitment.
Patricia Leech, Projects, Transformation & Change – Principal Consultant at Oceans Group at Oceans Group Search & Selection

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