The Recruiter's Soapbox

Chris Gath – My First Eight Weeks in Rec2Rec


How have you found your first eight weeks with BMR?

My first eight weeks at BMR have been lots of fun! The whole team has been very welcoming and supportive, and fantastic at guiding me in the right direction. It’s the first time I have joined a company in December, which some may say is a strange time of year to start a new role with most agencies winding down for the holidays. However despite the perceived “quiet time” it was a very busy month here at Barton Mills! Clients were still interviewing and issuing contracts, and candidates were signing on the dotted line right up until Christmas Eve.

Personally, I found it was a great time to join the business. Meeting with all our clients, everyone was in great spirits and feeling positive about this year ahead. I filled my time doing tours of their offices, getting to grips with their business model and learning what they have to offer. I even got to enjoy two Christmas parties in my first month, including a cruise around Sydney Harbour and a day out for lunch in the sun in Manly! Needless to say, it was a very fun way to start a new job, not to mention, a great way to get to know my new team!

Last year, it is suggested that 25%-35% of recruiters left the industry in Australia. Mostly down to border & visa restrictions, redundancies, and generally (sadly) agencies being forced to close. I had been told during a market downturn R2R is known for being the first to get hit, but on the flip side, the first to come back. We are now in a market where all our clients in growth mode, resulting in the Rec2Rec market bouncing back rapidly. We have had a very busy couple of months as you can imagine… and long may it continue!


What drew you to a career in Rec2Rec? 

To be honest, it was all about timing and I definitely ‘fell into it’. My previous market was hit hard by the market downturn, and I decided to shop around. The one thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to stay in a candidate short market, and soon enough the perfect opportunity presented itself at BMR. It happened very quickly – as it often does in recruitment… right place, right time!


What has your favourite thing about Rec2Rec been so far? 

I really enjoy talking to recruitment consultants every day! It has been a very refreshing change for me. We are working with people who do the same job as us every day, you must always be honest, build trust, be sincere, communicate well and always have your eyes on the ball! I don’t believe you can be transactional or spray and pray in the Rec2Rec game. It is a small industry, and it is imperative you do things correctly and be ethical. This is my style of recruitment, so it is a perfect match.

We are big on culture matching here at BMR and this is something I really enjoy about the job. I remember being told by the team at BMR when you meet a candidate it will just ‘click’ and you will know which companies they need to meet with. This is so true! We like to dig deep into people’s motivations and future goals. When you know your clients well and match the perfect candidates to the perfect clients, it is a great feeling!!


What have been the biggest challenges that you have encountered? 

Working within such a candidate short market is a challenge! You can’t simply send thousands of InMails and hope you get some replies. I know it’s going to take time to build up a reputation for doing the right things in the right way and at the end of the day I want my candidates to stay and have successful careers at the agencies I place them with. It is a very relationship led industry and doing the right thing by your candidate and clients is one of the most important parts of the job. Referrals are a huge part of this industry too so you never know when those good relationships will come back in your favour!


What are your aspirations in the Rec2Rec field?

As my career develops and progresses I want to build a name for myself within my sectors and as part of the Barton Mills brand. Eventually becoming one of the ‘go-to’ Rec2Rec’s for recruiters, trainees and rookies, helping them take the next step in their careers in Australia.

The past eight weeks have taught me so much about how other companies run and operate, and I have realised there is an agency for every recruiter out there. So, if you are considering a new role, make sure you speak to a Rec2Rec who has the inside scoop.