The Recruiter's Soapbox


Always learning

One of the things that I love about our job is that you are continually learning.  No sooner do you think you have people sussed and this recruitment game in the bag, then bang…. something happens to absolutely throw you.  15 years in and people still surprise me.

 Lessons we at BMR have learnt (the hard way) this week:

Facebook:  Ensure your privacy settings are on.  It’s alright for your mates to have access to those hilarious drunken videos – but a potential employee, candidate or client?  Not a great look.  Keep your personal life under wraps and work hard to build a credible, professional persona online.

Be upfront and honest.  Skeletons in the closet?  With everything so easily accessible online, they have a funny way of turning up at the most inopportune moments.  Have you ever Googled yourself to see what comes up in the results…?

Networking functions.  If you can’t hold your drink …..  Take it slow……

You don’t have to take no for an answer.  A candidate has blown us away this week.  We gave her the feedback that her application was declined at 2nd interview for not having enough “fire in her belly”.  The candidate refused to take this lying down.  She drafted a 20 point email which was not just fiery but “scorching hot” and she now has a final interview in London tomorrow!  If you back yourself then fight for what you want.

There is a great app on your phone that many people don’t realise is there.  Yes you have text, What’s App, FB, LinkedIn…….. but there is also this thing called a telephone.  At the beginning of my career, a mentor of mine gave me the single best piece of advice I’ve ever been given in recruitment and I believe it still holds today….telephone for communication, email for confirmation.  You cannot build relationships over email or messaging.

LinkedIn, although an invaluable tool which can cut your research component part of the role down from days to literally minutes, will never replace the fundamental art of recruitment, which is the ability to engage with people.

Candidate Control is King and the key to success.

It doesn’t matter whether you are 1 month into your recruitment career or 20 years, you have not seen it all and every day is a learning opportunity.