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5 Days

5 Days To Go

Has your company made a submission to the Government re: the proposal to stop the 457 visa scheme for Recruitment Consultants?

We have just 5 days left to make a stand and to get our point across.

Yesterday, through friends/clients/colleagues, we managed to make contact with C-level stakeholders in 3 major global recruitment agencies and scarily we found out that they were not across the proposed changes. The good news is that they have all confirmed they will put in a submission to fight our cause. This is a big step forward, as it is their submissions that will really make a difference.

Please don’t presume that your business is across this. Ask the question of your managers and put the pressure on. We need every recruitment business in Australia to put in a submission before December 1st.

Please play your part. Like, share our posts and blogs on this topic to ensure the whole industry is across what is happening and is getting involved. If you have friends/clients/colleagues (especially at the bigger, listed agencies) make sure they are getting involved.

5 days to go till submission cut off and still lots to do.

As a reminder for what you can be doing: