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4 Days

4 Days To Go

With the recent news that “Recruitment Consultant” as a job title is in jeopardy of being taken off the Skilled Migrant Occupation List, we are asking the question… is there anything you can be doing to oppose these changes?

If this is news to you, take a look at BMR’s latest blog – We Need Your Help which focuses on why these changes are being proposed, what this will mean to the Australian recruitment market (and wider economy) and what as an industry we can be doing to fight our cause.

Fancy a 2nd opinion? Read Hunted’s blog on what these changes will mean for the Future of Recruitment in Australia. 

As a reminder for what you can be doing:

This Friday represents the cut off date for us as an industry to have our say and make a difference. If you are still unsure of what you can be doing please get in touch!

4 days to go and still lots to do.