The Recruiter's Soapbox

3 Days

3 Days To Go

If you haven’t heard the news by now, where have you been hiding?

The fear is real… ‘Recruitment Consultant’ is one of 4 occupations on the STSOL that could potentially be removed, resulting in recruitment agencies no longer being able to sponsor employees on a 457 visa. Read We Need Your Help to find out more.

It is all go in the Barton Mills office; the company submission is well underway and we are all busy doing our individual submissions too. We are having lots of reassuring conversations, and seemingly the majority of our network is pulling together to speak up for our industry.

Everybody in the industry is eligible to make a submission. The deadline is Friday 1st December, three days and counting. Please don’t assume that the rest of the industry’s voice will speak on your behalf, we all need to make sure we are taking responsibility and making ourselves heard.

Follow the links below to get started:

Do your bit, make a submission today.