Christmas Party 2012

Last Friday we celebrated our Christmas Party in style sailing around Sydney harbour on the ‘Luna Sea’ boat…. (A very apt name for the Barton Mills crew!)

We had Captain Richard ‘Jack Sparrow’ Mills on board along with some helpful marines pouring the champagne cocktails. Our first stop was Shark Island where Mother Christmas aka Clare Barton spoilt us all -we had obviously been very good this year.  After stocking up on the gourmet picnic supplied by our top chef Meredith, the real games started –  the Brits V Aussies cricket match.  Despite some dubious bowling by the Scotsman Mills , the white and red roses of the North came together (Neil and Jodie) to hit several 6’s into the water.  However, I think it’s fair to say the highlight of the match was Keirin, the Aussie, being caught by her fellow Aussie Meredith!!!  She was cheered ( and laughed)  off the pitch with a GOLDEN DUCK.. it was like the Ashes all over again.

After more sailing, trivia quizzes, drinking, dancing and swimming, we got off the boat at the Manly Wharf Bar to party into the early hours of the morning!